Common Issues 

I'm having trouble setting up my account on my iPad/iPhone? 
The most likely issue if your having problems on an iOS device is that you have not added the user-name and password for your smtp server. These settings are listed as optional however if you do not put them in you will not always be able to send from your device and may have constant issues. 
I'm having trouble sending emails on Outlook? 
The most common issue when trying to send emails on Outlook is that the outgoing server authentication is not in use. To turn this on go into the account settings and select More Settings or Advanced Settings and on that box their will be a tab named Outgoing Server and ensure the setting "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" is checked and that the option to use the same settings as the incoming server is selected. 
What should I do if my email program asks for a user-name and password? 
If your email client asks you for these details then the user-name is your full email address such as and the password is the one we have supplied you with. In the event that you have lost this information please contact us on or 01803 407470
How do i change my e-mail password? 
To change the password for your e-mail address please contact us and we can do this for you and send you out the new details. Please contact us on 
I'm having a problem with my user-name and password but I know they're right? 
This means that there is a problem with one of your settings. There are several things that could cause this. 
Make sure that your settings are not using any type of encryption such as SSL 
Make sure there are no spaces in any of the settings boxes ans this will cause errors 
Ensure that for the user-name for the servers is your full email address and that you have entered your password 
Ensure that you are using password as the type of authentication 
Ensure that everything is being spelt correctly 
Why can't I send or receive my emails? 
If you can't send or receive emails, check if you can view web pages. If you can't this means that their is a problem with your Internet connection and you will need to speak to your Internet Service Provider. 
If this is not the problem try setting up the account a second time as one of the settings is probably wrong and preventing you from sending and receiving your emails. 
My email account won't work on my phone, but I know I've set it up correctly? 
This can occur when you are using the Internet connection on your phone rather than wifi. This problem is caused when you phone provider (Orange, o2, Vodafone, 3, etc.) don't allow you to use your own email server. The reason they do this is to protect against spam emails. 
In order to fix this you will need to call your phone provider and ask them for their email server details, they will be able to support you on changing your settings so that they work with their network. 

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