Mozilla Thunderbird - POP3 

Video Guide  

Step by Step Guide 

1. Open Thunderbird and select 'Tools' and then 'Account Settings' as shown in the above screen grab. In the Account Settings menu find the 'Account Actions' drop down menu in the bottom left hand corner. From this drop down menu choose 'Add Mail Account'
2. On the next menu insert the name you wish to be referred as when using your account, your full email address e.g and the password that we have provided you with. Click the 'Continue' button and a 'Manual Config' button should appear to the left of it, click on this. 
You should now be presented with a window like the one shown below. In this window ensure that your settings look similar to the below screen grab. Your incoming mail should be 'POP3' and the server host name should mail.yourdomain (the example in the screen grab is for the domain, insert your own domain instead). The default port for incoming mail is 110, leave your port as 110 unless you're having any issues with it. 
For outgoing mail sure that the 'Server host name' is smtp.yourdomain and the port is 25 unless you're having issues. 
Please note that mail2/smtp2 may be used instead, refer to the email you received with your user name and password to discover which setting you should use. 
3. Click on 'Advanced Config' and this will bring up a menu like below and then 'Server Settings' and change the 'Check for messages every' value to a time span that suits your needs and also 'Leave Messages on Server' if you're accessing your mailbox through multiple devices then click OK. 
4. You'll now be returned to the previous window, finish creating the account and you should now receive an error message like the one below informing you that the servers do not use encryption. Click on the 'I understand the risks' check box and then 'Done'
Your new email account should now be ready to use. 
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