Webmail (Gmail, Ymail, Outlook.com) 

Webmail, web-based e-mail, allows you to access your e-mail through a web browser rather than a desktop application and is used by millions of people around the world. Common types of Webmail accounts are Gmail, Yahoo! and Outlook (formerly Live and Hotmail). 
We do not offer webmail accounts for our mailboxes, however some existing webmail services such as Google's Gmail allow you to access e-mails in non-webmail accounts. 
The webmail service downloads the e-mail from your non-webmail account and stores them within your webmail account thus giving you web-based access to your e-mails at no extra charge. 
We do not support these 3rd party email accounts and as such cannot advise on the setup of these accounts with our POP3 mailboxes. If you require any support please contact the relevant webmail provider and their support teams will be able to talk you through the process of setting up your it'seeze mailboxes on their services. 

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