Android - POP3 

Video Guide  

Step By Step Guide 

1. In the Settings area of your phone, find and click on Add account
2. Select the option for POP mail. 
3. Select POP as the account type
4. Enter the email address you want to set up and the password. Then click Manual setup. 
5. When you reach the window above, ensure that Server reads (using your specific domain name). Ensure that the Port reads 110. The Security type needs to be set to None. Delete email from the server set to Never. Click Next
6. The SMTP server should be set to (using your specific domain name). Use Port 465. Ensure security type is set to None and Require sign-in is ticked. Type in your email address into Username and enter your password for the account you’re setting up and click Next. 
7. You'll see a screen asking how often you want your phone to check for new email - in this example, it's set to Every 15 minutes. You will likely want to tick all three check boxes on this screen. 
8. Your email account will then be successfully set up on your phone. The final thing you should enter is the name you'd like to give the account and the name you'd like displayed in your outgoing emails. Finally, click Next. 
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