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Can I use the images for my print work? 
No. We only have a license to use our images for website use. 
Can you supply the logo for my print work? 
We only supply logos purchased with the full logo package. Text based logos cannot be supplied for print work. 
What format do you want images supplied? 
For photographs it's best supplied as a JPEG. The bigger the better!  For logos this would ideally be supplied in EPS or AI format though high resolution PNG or JPEG is also acceptable. 
Can you show examples of sites within my industry? 
Go to our portfolio to see your industry or similar industries. We always suggest looking at the other industry types within our portfolio as this gives you more of an idea of different structures and styles. 
Will my site work on all browsers? 
Your website will work on all modern browsers. Before we set it live, we'll test your site on the following browsers: 
the latest version of Chrome 
the latest version of Edge (Microsoft's replacement for Internet Explorer) 
Internet Explorer 11 
the latest version of Safari 
the latest version of Firefox 
Firefox extended supported release 
These are the browsers that are still supported by their developers. 
We'll also test your site on devices of various screen sizes, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers. 
Can you re-set / tell me the password for this website? 
For security reasons we do not store passwords. We can however reset the password. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters in length and include a minimum of 1 digit. Simply call us on 01803 407 470 and we can do this over the phone. 
When will this website be finished? 
Our website turnaround time is currently 14 working days. 
It’s time to future-proof your business 
A responsive website will: 
Attract more mobile customers 
Improve user experience 
Rank higher on Google 
Save you time and money 
Adapt to every device 
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