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What is a domain? 
A domain or "domain name" is the address used to access your website on the internet and all its related services. It allows people to access your site via a memorable word or string of words without having to input complicated computer commands. As such whoever controls your domain also controls what can be set up on the domain such as a website, email services, ftp servers etc. 
Examples of domain names include: "" "" and "" 
What are the domain contact details? 
All domains have a number of contact details on them, these are generally the contact details of the company or individual that owns them and possibly their IT technicians or website providers. It is legally required to submit this information. 
All types of domains have both a "registrant" contact and an "admin" contact. The registrant contact is the owner of the domain and in the case of all domains registered by It’seeze is set to the customer. The "admin" contact address is the address of the company or individual in charge of the technical maintenance of the domain name, in this case It’seeze. 
In addition to these two contact details, all domains other than’s have a further two contact details, these are the "technical" and "billing" contacts. The "technical" contact is essentially a duplicate of the "admin" contact while the "billing" contact is set to whoever is responsible for paying for domain renewals. 
What type of domains are available? 
When people refer to the different "types" of domain they are usually referring to the domain extension, for example and .com. For the majority of the history of the internet these extensions were limited in number and restricted to country specific extensions such as and .de and the familiar generic extensions such as .com, .net, .org and the like. 
As of 2014, many more domain extensions are now available such as .london, .gym, guru and so on. Although this allows for more flexibility in terms of marketing the vast majority of domains purchased are still those that have been in existence for years such as .com and 
It’seeze can register any kind of domain for you although certain unusual domains will carry a premium price and will not be eligible as your free domain. 
Do I need It’seeze to register me a new domain or transfer an existing one? 
If you currently have a website with another provider or that you are hosting yourself, you will own a domain name of some sort. This can be transferred into It’seeze’s control with your new website going live on it. Alternatively you may have previously bought a domain but never set a website live on it, in this we can also transfer the domain into our control. However if you’ve never had a website before the chances are you will not own a domain, in this instance It’seeze will register one for you as part of your package with us. 
If I’m transferring my domain to It’seeze what do I need to do? 
You will need to liaise with your local It’seeze consultant and provide them with the username and password of the control panel the domain is stored in. You will also need to inform them of any services you have on the domain (email, ftp etc.) and whether these need to remain active or whether you’re happy to transfer everything to It’seeze. 
How long do domain transfers take? transfers will usually be transferred within one working day of the request to transfer to It’seeze. Other domain types are subject to longer transfer periods and can take between 3-5 working days to transfer although we will usually be able to get your website live on the domain before the transfer is initiated. 
What is domain verification? 
Whenever a domain other than a is transferred or the details on the domain are changed, the registrar of the domain is required to verify these details are correct. They do this via sending an email to the registrant email address on the domain. Within this email is a verification link which must be clicked upon to confirm the details are correct. If the client does not click on this link within 15 days then their domain will be suspended and any services on it will be brought down. Thus it is vitally important that if you receive an email about verification from Fasthosts that you click on the link contained within! 
What is a "domain renewal"? 
All domains are purchased from national or international authorities who delegate the right to sell these domains to third parties. These third parties are required to pay on an annual basis to keep control of these domains which is then passed onto the customer as a ‘renewal fee’. If this renewal fee is not paid then control of the domain is taken away from the customer and any website, email etc on the domain is taken down. 
As part of your package with It’seeze we pay the annual domain renewal fees of your first domain with us. Any further domain renewal charges for extra domains in our control are then paid for across twelve months as part of your monthly subscription fee with us. 
Does my email link with my domain name? 
Yes. All email addresses require a domain name to function and the domain name makes up the second half of the email addresses, as in You can only set up an email address on a domain you control. With your It’seeze website package you will have the ability to set up POP email accounts on your domain and have our extensive collection of help videos and guides to help you along with the process. 
While my domain is with It’seeze do I have DNS control over it? 
While your domain is controlled by It’seeze you will have no control over the DNS settings however our efficient support team will be more than happy to add any DNS records that require adding to your domain. If you send an email to detailing your requirements then they will add what is needed as soon as possible. 
How do I transfer my domain away from It’seeze? 
It’seeze does not provide a domain parking service and as such when you cancel your subscription with it’seeze you will need to transfer your domain away to a new provider. Once you have gone through the cancellation process, our domains team will liaise with both yourself and your new provider to transfer your domain to another company. 
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