New map provider: Mapbox [1st Jun 2018]

We are upgrading the map component from Google Maps to Mapbox.

This will allow you to take advantage of several new features within the maps currently embedded on your site.

Firstly, you can now choose which style of map you want to display:

  • Streets - this is the default style and the most similar in appearance to Google Maps
  • Outdoors - this shows the regular map with contour lines
  • Light - this is a greyscale map in a pale finish
  • Dark - this is a greyscale map in a dark finish
  • Satellite - this shows a satellite view

You are also able to view the map full-screen on computers or to track your current location from a mobile device using the new control panel in the top-right corner of the map:

A new search feature allows you to check directions using real-time traffic information:

Lastly, a simplified menu makes it even easier for you to customise your map to your requirements:

> Learn more about the map component

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