Multimedia component [19th Jul 2018]

Tomorrow we will launching a new component that makes it even easier for you to embed videos, audio clips, and presentations on your website.

The new multimedia component will appear in the bottom right of the options window, under the Heading on image component:

This component will replace the current YouTube, Vimeo,  Dailymotion, SchoolTube, and SoundCloud components. Now when you embed a  YouTube or Vimeo video, you will be able to set them to autoplay without  the controls being visible. When embedding Dailymotion videos you will be able  to choose whether the video autoplays, if the video title is displayed, and the  colour of the controls.

The component also introduces support for three new services:

  • Spotify - for audio files
  • SlideShare (part of LinkedIn) - for presentations
  • Screencast  - for recordings of computer screens

Once the new component has been launched, we will start to replace the existing YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SchoolTube, and SoundCloud components. This will not affect the appearance of existing videos or audio files, but will allow you to take full advantage of the new features.

> Learn more about the multimedia component

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