New customer account registration option [11th Jan 2019]

We've now made it possible for you to control whether the  'Company' field is displayed when customers create an account in your shop.


If you sell mainly to members of the public, it is  unlikely that you will need this information, so hiding this optional field  makes it much simpler for new customers to register for an account. (If you do  hide this field from the form, any customers ordering on behalf of a company  can still enter the company name as part of the billing or delivery address.)

If your customer base is largely made up of businesses, it's a good idea to continue asking for this information as part of the account creation process.

You can choose whether to ask new customers for their company name by checking or unchecking the box on the 'Customer Accounts' page within the 'Configuration' section of the shop management panel.

> Learn more about configuring customer accounts here

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