New blog settings [8th Feb 2019]

We will be rolling out various improvements to the it'seeze blogging platform later today.

These changes include the option to add a banner image to your blog posts, which can help to improve the visual appeal of each post.

We've also added in a new 'Settings' button, which gives you greater control over the appearance of your main blog page.

Using the new 'Settings' button, you can:

  • Choose how your blog posts are displayed on your main blog page. You can continue to keep them in a single column with a summary for each post, or you can now display them in a grid layout with either large or small tiles. If you opt for one of the new grid layouts, your blog post's banner image, title, and publication date will be shown in the tile.
  • Set how many blog posts are displayed on each page.
  • Change how the publication date is displayed - e.g. 'Written in our beautiful Brighton office on [date]'

If you have a Lite website and wish to experience the benefits of blogging, get in touch with either your local consultant or the it'seeze support team for more information on upgrading to our Max package.

>  Learn more about the new blog settings

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