it'seeze newsletter [Jun 2019]

Make your website even more visual with new background options

A brand new addition to the website editor that we’re very excited about is the background image feature.

This new option allows you to easily set an image as a background for an area of content within your website, including full-width sections and columns.

You can even pinpoint the exact part of the image that you want to appear as the background, allowing you to focus in on specific details as the image scales down on different screen sizes. This provides you with a greater level of control when selecting backgrounds for your website.

Please note that the new background options are only available on responsive itseeze websites. If you have not yet upgraded to a responsive website, please contact your local consultant or email for more information.

> Watch the full how-to video

New image editing options now available

We recently added a new feature to the itseeze website editor that allows you to add colour overlays to the images on your website.

This new option is ideal if you want to make images match your website’s colour scheme, brighten or darken an image, or make text easier to read when using the text-on-image component.

> Watch the how-to video

Greater choice with new CSV options

When downloading CSV files from your shop, you can now either choose the standard ‘One line per order’ version, or the new ‘One line per item’ version.

This new option includes four additional columns – item quantity, item code, item name, and item variant.

Got a blog? Avoid these common mistakes!

Blogging on your itseeze website is a great way to reach new customers, show your expertise, and boost your site’s performance…if you do it right.

Read our blog post to learn all about the 5 most common blogging mistakes a business can make, so you know what not to do!

Remember, if you have a Lite website and want to start blogging, you can upgrade your website package at any time. Contact your local consultant or email to find out more.

> See the blogging mistakes to avoid

Even more how-to videos for easy website editing

Take a look at the updated how-to videos we’ve recently added to the it’seeze Support Site.

These new and improved videos will make it even easier for you to make changes to your website:

> See more how-to videos

Your Questions Answered

Q: How often do I need to have my website design updated?

A: The general consensus is that you should have your website redesigned every 2-3 years. However, there are a lot of factors that can affect when your website design needs an update.

If you’re not sure whether your website needs a redesign, ask yourself

these questions:

Is my website mobile-friendly?

Does my website still reflect my business?

Is the branding on my website up to date?

Is my website better than my competitors’ websites?

Does my website still look modern and professional?

Am I proud to share my website with potential customers?

If you think it might be time to update your it’seeze website with a fresh new design, you can find out more about our redesign service here.

Q: I want to refer back to a previous newsletter but can’t find the email, can you send it to me again?

A: If you wish to refer back to any of the previous it’seeze newsletters from the last few months, you can find all of them in our newsletter archive on the Support Site, so it’s easy to track down any of the news, tips, and advice that we recently sent you.

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