it'seeze newsletter [Jul 2019]

A seamless shopping experience with Stripe

We’ve upgraded your online shop so that it includes a new payment gateway, so you can now choose to use the Stripe payment option on your website.

Unlike other payment options, Stripe offers a fully integrated solution – this means your customers will be able to enter their card details directly through your shop’s own checkout page, instead of being taken to the payment gateway’s own website to complete the payment.

This creates a far more streamlined checkout experience for customers, and can also lead to increased trust in your business as the buying process will appear easier, faster, and more secure. 

>  Learn how to set up Stripe 

Changes to your website’s cookie notice

Following new guidance from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), we’ve updated the cookies notice that appears when someone visits your website for the first time.

This is all part of our ongoing commitment to make sure itseeze websites are kept up to date with the very latest legal requirements.

This new notice will make it even easier for your website visitors to opt in to or out of cookies whilst browsing your website, and will ensure your site continues to adhere to online privacy laws. 

>  Read the ICO’s guide to cookies 

Want to increase your website’s credibility?

To win the trust of your online customers, you have to prove that you’re a credible, professional business they can rely on – but how?

Well, good news: with a professionally designed website from itseeze, you’re already part way there! Read our recent blog post to discover the other 3 ways you can easily build customer trust online. 

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Editing your website is easy with our latest how-to videos

We’ve now added even more new and improved how-to videos to the itseeze Support Site.

These updated videos will help you make changes to your website in no time:


> See more how-to videos 

Your Questions Answered

Q: I want to use the stock images on my website in my other marketing materials, can you send me the original files?

A: Due to the Getty Images licence agreement, you are unable to use any of the premium stock images featured on your website in any of your other marketing materials, regardless of whether these are offline or online.

This is because itseeze is licensed to use stock photos from Getty Images on the websites we create, but this licence does not extend to these same images then being used elsewhere by our clients.

If you wish to use premium stock photos in your marketing, you can purchase these directly from Getty Images. Alternatively, we recommend sourcing high quality stock photos from free sources, such as:


These sites feature thousands and thousands of brilliant images catering to all different industries, and all photos are completely free for commercial use.

Next month’s newsletter will be all about blogging, so tell us – what do you want to know?

Simply email us your blogging questions at the link below and we’ll answer as many as we can as part of our newsletter Q&A. 

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Don’t let an inactive Twitter account ruin your reputation

If you haven’t updated your business’s Twitter account for months, or even years, you might want to consider deactivating it.

Why? Because if potential customers come across your inactive account, they may assume that your company is no longer active.

A dormant account can also reduce your business credibility, as it suggests a lack of care and effort - this won’t be creating a great impression of the way you conduct yourself as a business.

For these reasons, it can actually be better to have no Twitter account at all than to have an account that’s rarely, if ever, updated.

How to deactivate your account 

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