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How will Brexit affect your website?

As we get closer to the withdrawal date, it seems like it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid any mention of Brexit and how life in the UK could be impacted by it.

Well, your website is unfortunately no exception – and you need to know what could change.

Read our recent blog post to discover the 5 ways Brexit could affect your website. 

> What Brexit means for your business 

Find stock images without even leaving your website

Last week we announced the introduction of our brand new stock image search feature.

Using this, you can find great stock photos from Pixabay directly through the itseeze website editor. You can then use these high-quality images on your website completely free of charge.

The usual image upload limits will still apply when using this feature – if you have a Lite website, you can include up to 50 images on your website; if you have a Max or Commerce website, you can include up to 5000. 

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Make your background images stand out with new styling options

We’ve recently added some exciting new options to the itseeze editor so that you can change the way that background images appear on your website.

When you add a new background image section, you can now choose different background styles so that your full-width images create various effects as your website visitors move down the page.


The different styles are as follows:


  • Scroll – the background image moves with the rest of the content on the page
  • Parallax – the background image scrolls at a slower speed to the page, creating a 3D effect
  • Fixed – the background image stays completely still as the page content moves over it

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Boost your clicks with the new button component

We've introduced a new option for creating buttons on your itseeze website.

With the new button component, you can easily add a button to your page to encourage visitors to click through to other areas of your site.

The button will automatically match the appearance of other buttons on your site, making it quick and simple for you to add new call to actions anywhere on your website.

Using this new option, you can change the button text, alignment, and page that it links to. 

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Easily change your text styling with the new font menu

We’ve updated the font menu within the itseeze website editor, so now it’s easier than ever to choose between font styles and make changes to the text on your site.

This new menu displays the name of each font and a preview of the style, so you can see exactly how your text will look when choosing between fonts. 

Edit new pages at the click of a button

We’ve also made changes the menu that appears when you create a new page.

Now, you have the option to stay on the current page or go directly to the new page you’ve just created. This should make editing your website more streamlined than before. 

Streamline the shopping process with the new basket pop-up

A brand new feature within your online shop is the ‘added to basket’ pop-up window.

This will be displayed when a customer adds a product to their basket, and will give them the option to either continue shopping or go straight to their basket.

This will create a more seamless shopping experience for your customers, and is particularly convenient for anyone buying multiple items from a specific product category, as they can now stay on this page whilst adding all the products to their basket.

This new feature should also help to encourage additional purchases, as customers who choose to continue shopping are likely to buy more products as they browse. 

Your Questions Answered

Q: How can I get my Google My Business profile to show in the map pack?

A: The local map pack is the list of 3 businesses that appear in a box at the top of the search results for a local query. Here are a few changes you can make to improve your chances of appearing in the map pack:

  • Phone number – Make sure your phone number is displayed and always set your landline as your primary number. The local dialling code will help Google see that you are a relevant local business.
  • Location – If you visit customers at their home or place of work, it may be more useful to show the service area you cover rather than a fixed business address.
  • Opening hours – Always show your opening hours on your profile, especially if you’re contactable outside of normal working hours, as this could be what sets your business apart in the map pack.
  • Reviews – Ask your customers to leave you reviews on Google, and always respond to any you receive. The more positive reviews, the greater your chances of moving up the map pack.
  • Q&A – Add a Q&A section – just 2-3 questions will suffice, e.g. ‘What areas do you cover?’, ‘What different services do you provide?’, etc.

Don’t forget, you can find more answers to frequently asked questions on the
itseeze Support Site.

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