New website feature - you can now turn back time ⏰ [17 Feb 2020]

Where we're going...we don't need roads

We're excited to announce our latest development - the page history feature. This allows you to access and restore previous versions of each page on your website - no flux capacitors required!

You can see this new feature in action by clicking here. 

You can currently restore any of the pages on your website to how they appeared at any time they were saved after 23rd January 2020. In time, you will be able to access up to a year's worth of page edit history, giving you the power to restore your website at your leisure.

Why this is so useful:
Now, if you change your mind about an edit you've made or a page you've redesigned, it's really easy to go back! Better still, you can copy content from a previous version of a page to add back onto the latest version.  

> Learn more about restoring pages 

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