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Motivational quotes to inspire your 2020

We know that January isn’t always the most inspiring of months, especially when you’re running a business, working tirelessly, and doing your best to stay motivated.

In light of this, we’ve rounded up 15 of our favourite inspirational quotes to help spark your motivation for the year ahead - and remind you that your business goals are achievable.

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Is your website feeling the love?

Following the popularity of the falling snow animation in the run up to Christmas, we’ve introduced a heart animation in time for Valentine’s Day.

On desktop computers, hearts will float up the screen and respond to mouse movements.

This animation is exclusively available on itseeze websites for a one-off payment of £20*

Want hearts on your website in time for Valentines Day? Contact your local consultant or talk to the team at to find out more.

*excluding VAT 

New year, new responsive website?

It's the ideal time to think about upgrading to a responsive itseeze  website.


A responsive website is better for your business because it’s easy to use and fast-loading for anyone browsing on a mobile phone or tablet – over 50% of all internet users. Furthermore, it will perform better in search results, as Google favours responsive websites.

However, a responsive website won't just help you reach more customers - it will also provide you with all the innovative new website features that aren’t available in the non-responsive version of the it'seeze editor.

Here are just a few of the recent additions:

  • Built-in stock image search – It’s now possible to search for high-quality stock images directly through the itseeze editor.


  • More image editing options – You can now easily add new image effects and styling, including colour overlays to images.


  • Date picker – Thanks to this pop-up calendar, website visitors can quickly select the date(s) they want for an appointment, holiday, delivery, and more.


  • Simple buttons – You can now add new buttons to your website that automatically tie in with the existing design.


Interested in upgrading? Contact your local consultant or talk to the team at to find out more.

New year, new design?

If your website is starting to look a little outdated now is the perfect time to think about getting it redesigned.

Most websites tend to need a refresh around 3 years after they were first designed – after all, design trends and techniques are constantly changing, and you want your online presence to stay looking modern and professional to help your business maintain a competitive edge. If you’ve recently undergone a rebranding or a shift in the direction of your work, these are also factors that can affect how soon your website design will need updating.

When we redesign your website, we won’t just give it a fresh new look – we’ll also carry out a general health check, update the on-page SEO, and apply a ‘privacy by design’ approach that ensures your website is GDPR-compliant.

If you’re curious about getting your itseeze website redesigned, get in touch with your local consultant or talk to the team at to learn more.

Customise your navigation with headings & links

We recently announced the introduction of two new types of menu item – headings and links.

You can add these to your website’s navigation bar alongside regular pages – either to add a title that groups pages in a sub-menu (headings) or to add direct links to downloadable files or external websites (links).

Got a Lite website but want to add more pages? You’ll need to upgrade to our Max package - please contact your local consultant or email for more information.

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Your Questions Answered

Q: Why doesn’t my itseeze website have a secure padlock icon in the address bar?

This is probably because your websites does not have an SSL certificate - this adds an extra layer of security to your site by ensuring that any data travelling to or from it is encrypted. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, you could be losing customers, as all popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) now display a warning to users that the website they’re about to visit is ‘Unsecure’. Your website could also be appearing lower in Google’s search results because it is not considered as safe as websites with an SSL certificate.

At it’seeze, we can provide free SSL certificates to all websites that have their domains registered with us. If you don’t wish to transfer your domain to us, there are a few other ways to add an SSL certificate to your it’seeze website. Just get in contact with the team at to find out more about making your website secure.

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Let’s keep in touch!

Please remember to keep us informed of any changes to your contact details so that we can update our records. You can let us know if anything changes by emailing, or by getting in touch with your local consultant.

This will ensure that you always receive the latest updates regarding new features and enhancements that have been added to the itseeze editor, as well as news of what we’re doing – and what you need to do - to make sure your website continues to remain secure and legally compliant.

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