New Shop integration - Mailchimp [7th Aug 2020]

We've launched a new feature that allows you to synchronise your customers with the audience lists in your Mailchimp account.

When a customer enters their details through your online shop, it will now be possible to opt them in to a newsletter. This will increase the likelihood of people signing up for updates from you, which can help with customer retention and encourage future purchases.

You can enable this on your website through a simple 3 step process:

  1. Connect the site to Mailchimp through the Settings panel
  2. Connect the shop to Mailchimp by selecting the Mailchimp audience to link it with
  3. Choose whether or not to offer a newsletter

This can all be carried out via Configuration > Mailchimp in the shop management panel.

If you decide to offer a newsletter, an extra checkbox will be shown to your customer when they check out or create an account. 

Customers will then appear in your chosen Mailchimp audience, with the shop shown as the Source. Any customers who have opted in to your newsletter will be shown as Subscribed.

Customers who created accounts prior to your shop being connected to Mailchimp will automatically by added to your audience when they next log in.

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Awesome well done guys. 

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