Schema (Structured Data) [25th Feb 2022]

A new Schema page has been created in the settings panel which will let you enter business information for schema, including the business name, address, precise location on a map, telephone number, and opening hours.

Schema is a form of structured data — information that can be processed easily by software.

Google can read this data and display it in a knowledge panel next to search results, and in Google Maps:

For even more control over the information displayed in Google’s knowledge panel, you can sign up for Google My Business.

> Go to 'Schema (structured data)' support article

Hi Adam

Ok great, it would be brilliant if you guys added an "open 24 hours" button on the open times.

Hi Oliver,

Schema represents 24-hour opening by having an opening time of 0:00 and a closing time of 23:59, so this is how 24-hour opening needs to be specified. This is mentioned on the support article.

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