Mozilla Thunderbird is a free email client designed by the not for profit Mozilla Foundation. It is the most popular free to download email client outside of those provided by Microsoft and Apple and is widely used throughout the world.

Download Thunderbird 

Before following the below step by step guide, please find the email sent to you which contains your email settings.

Step by Step Guide 

In Thunderbird, click the burger menu in the top right.

Select Account Settings. 

In the bottom left, select the Account Actions drop down menu and click Add Mail Account. 

Fill in your account details.  

Your Name: your name as you wish it to appear on outgoing email messages 

Email Address: your email address 

Password: your email address password 

When you have entered the relevant details, click Configure Manually, not continue.

Check you have the following account settings:

Incoming Server

Protocol: IMAP


Port: 993  

Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Authentication method: Normal Password  

Outgoing Server 


Port: 587

Connection Security: STARTTLS

Authentication method: Normal Password  

Username: Incoming and outgoing are your email address

When you are sure these are correct, click Done.

Account Successfully Created

You may get a pop-up asking you to Add Security Exception, just click Confirm Security Exceptions and then Finish.