This guide is for the Apple mobile operating system.

Before following the below step by step guide, please find the email sent to you which contains your email settings.

Step by Step Guide


Before you begin you will need to have the details that we sent to you regarding your email address(es) on hand. Tap on the 'Settings' app on your iPhone and then select 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' from the next menu. Select 'Add Account', followed by choose 'Other' from the options and on the next menu choose 'Add Mail Account'.

As shown in the screenshot below, in the 'Name' field enter what name you want to appear on your emails when you send them. In the 'Email' field insert your full email address, in 'Password' insert the password we have provided you with and in 'Description' insert what name you want your iPhone to refer to this account as.

Shown here in the two screenshots below is the full form you now have to fill out to set up your email Accounts. Ensure that 'IMAP' is selected and is blue as in the first screenshot. 

The 'Incoming' server 'Host Name' should be set to and for 'Outgoing Server' the 'Host Name' set to, both usernames should be the FULL email address that you are trying to set up, in this case not just test. 

The 'Password' field may autofill but if it does not, please insert the password that we have provided you with and you used on the previous screen. 

Please Note that the outgoing server settings will say they are 'optional'. They are not and if you don't correctly fill these in your email account will not work on your apple device. 

After clicking 'Next', the next screen you see will be an 'IMAP' screen with options to enable both 'mail' and 'notes', make sure both have a green icon next to 'mail' only and click 'save'. Your iPhone will now take you back to the 'Mail, Contacts and Calendars' screen.