This guide is for the Apple mobile operating system.

Before following the below step by step guide, please find the email sent to you which contains your email settings.

Step by Step Guide


Before you begin you will need to have the details that we sent to you regarding your email address(es) to hand.

Go to Settings on the iPhone.

Go to Mail

1. Go to Settings on the iPhone. Go to Mail.

2. Select Accounts.

3. Select add account

4. Choose Other

5. Select add mail account

6.  Enter your name, email, password and a description

7. Choose the POP tab at the top of the page.  

Enter the below information in the relevant areas.  

Incoming Mail Server  

Host name: 


Password: Password that we sent you  

Outgoing Mail Server  Host name: Username: Password: Password that we sent you  iOS devices are defaulted to stating that the details for your outgoing server are optional. This is incorrect please ensure that all your details are filled in for the outgoing server or you will be unable to send outgoing mail.  

Please note that sometimes mail2/smtp2 will be used instead of mail and smtp, check the email you received with your log in details to ensure that you're using the correct server settings.

Press save once you have entered all your details.

7. You can now open your Mail application to start sending / receiving emails.  

Please note: If you receive an error stating 'Cannot Connect Using SSL', select Yes to setup the account without SSL.  

There should also be an option in the advanced settings to 'Keep a copy of message on server', if you are accessing your emails through both your iPhone and desktop PC then this option should be ticked.