Note: In order to ensure you do not lose any emails we recommend that you keep your existing email account as an archive and add your new it'seeze email account as a brand new account. Depending on your mobile device this may not be possible and you may need to remove your old account from your phone - ensure the emails are backed up elsewhere before attempting this. 

This guide is for the mobile operating system Android 7+.

Before following the below step by step guide, please find the email sent to you which contains your email settings. 

Step by Step Guide

Go to the Email app.

Click Get Started.

Enter your Email address and click Next.

Enter your Password and click Manual Setup.

Select POP3.

Fill in your incoming account details.  

User Name: your email address 

Password: your email address password

IMAP server: mail.[your domain] or mail2.[your domain] (e.g.

Port: 110

Security Type: None

When you have entered the relevant details, click Next.

Fill in your outgoing account details.  

SMTP server: smtp.[your domain] or smtp2.[yourdomain] (e.g.

Port: 25

Security Type: None

User Name: your email address 

Password: your email address password

When you have entered the relevant details, click Next.

Select automatic syncing if given the option and click Next

Choose how you want to be notified of new emails and click Next

Enter your account name and your name as you wish it to appear on outgoing email messages. Then click Finish Setup.