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Options are anything that you can choose to add into the pages on your site — for example, there are options to add in text or images, or to split a section of the page into multiple columns. Options consist of components, which are the individual editable items on your site.

Most options consist of a single component — for example, the Text option creates a text component — but some options consist of multiple components — for example, the Contact form option creates a form component containing several field components. For information about the individual components, click here.

Adding options

There are two ways to add an option. You can click on the plus sign at the bottom of a column, as shown in figure 1, to add an option at the bottom of the column.

Figure 1. the ‘add option’ button

Alternatively, you can right-click on an existing option and then click on one of the first two icons on the context menu, as shown in figure 2, to add an option above or below the existing option.

Figure 2. the context menu

After clicking to add an option the option window, as shown below will be displayed.

Options are grouped into seven tabs: Text and images, Structure, Contact, Multimedia, Social, Shop, and Clipboard. If you have paid for additional development work on your site there may also be an Extras tab with additional options. Each option has an icon, a name, and a short description. Sometimes an option will not be available — for example, if it is too wide for the column — in which case it will be shown in grey, with a note explaining why it is not available.

Click on an option to add it into the page. Click Cancel to return to the page without adding an option.