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While editing text, you can change the text colour and highlight colour. To do this, select the text and move the mouse over the Text colour button on the text-editing toolbar, as shown in figure 1. When the mouse is over the button, a panel drops down showing the current colours.

Figure 1. the text colour button

The current text colour and highlight colour are shown using colour swatches — small squares of the colours. The text starting with a # after the colour swatch is a hexadecimal colour code (or hex code), which is a unique description of the colour. Every colour a computer can display has a hexadecimal colour code, and they are useful if you need to describe a precise colour to one of our designers.

Click on one of the swatches to open the colour picker window:

Click on a colour swatch to select it. Click Close to return to the page without changing the colour.

You can add more colours to the colour picker using the Colours panel.