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The text-on-image component, whose option icon is shown below, creates an image with text positioned over it in a fixed location, scaling with the image.

An example of the text-on-image component is shown below. In the example the caption is positioned over a blank area in the top-right corner of the image.

By placing real text on top of an image (instead of incorporating the text into the image file itself), the text remains accessible both to people who cannot see the image and to search engines. However, because the text scales with the image, it may end up very small on smaller screens. In many situations the background component is a better choice, as text placed over a background doesn't change size.

Editing a text-on-image component

The text and image can be edited in the same way as text and image components. When editing the text, fours arrows are shown in the corners of the text box, as shown below.

To resize and position the text box, click and drag the arrows.

Linking text-on-image components

To make a text-on-image component function as a link, you only need to set its image to be a link.