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The share button component, whose option icon is shown below, creates a social sharing button.

Visitors can click the share button to share the page. If the visitor is using Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or desktop Mac, or Chrome or Opera on an Android phone, they can share the page with their friends on through the apps on their phone. In other browsers, a panel of sharing options is displayed, as shown below, letting the visitor share the page by e-mail or on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Editing a share button

Click anywhere on a share button to display the share button window, as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3. the share button window 

The share button window lets you change the following settings:

Button label

The text displayed on the share button.

Button alignment

Whether the button should be left-aligned, right-aligned, or centred.

Click OK to apply the changes to the share button. Click Cancel to return to the page without changing the share button.