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Visitors can leave comments on your site using the comments component. All comments are moderated, which means they will not show on your site until you approve them.

To moderate comments, go into edit mode, click the Panels button on the toolbar, and click the Comments button, whose icon is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. the Comments icon

The Comments panel will then open in a new browser tab.

Comment statuses

When a visitor leaves a comment it is passed through a spam checker and assigned one of two statuses: pending or spam. A third status, approved, applies to comments that you have approved so that they show on your site. A menu on the left of the Comments panel, as shown in figure 2, shows the number of comments with each status and lets you view them.

Figure 2. the comment status menu

Moderating comments

An example comment is shown in figure 3. It includes a link to the page on which the comment was submitted, the date of submission, the name of the author, and the comment itself. The name of the author links to their e-mail address so you can contact them directly. Note that this link is not included when the comment is shown to your visitors.

Figure 3. a pending comment

Dependent on the comment status, up to three buttons are shown. The Approve button approves a comment so that it is shown on your site. The Mark as spam button marks a comment as spam. Comments marked as spam are automatically deleted four weeks after submission. The Delete button permanently deletes a comment without marking it as spam.

The spam checker is informed whenever you mark a comment as spam or approve a comment that was previously marked as spam. Over time this improves the accuracy of the spam checker.