You can configure your notifications by clicking Configuration in the shop management panel menu and then clicking Notifications.

Notifications for customers

Customers are sent a notification e-mail when they place an order, and will receive additional e-mails if you update the order and choose to inform them.

E-mail sender name

This is the sender name for e-mails to customers. This would usually be the name of your shop.

E-mail sender address

This is the e-mail address that e-mails to customers appear to come from. Customers may reply to this address, so it should be one that is read frequently.

Notifications for you

This is an e-mail address that is notified whenever an order is placed. If you use stock control you will also be notified when the stock level for a product falls below the limit you have set. If you require customer accounts to be approved you will also be notified when a potential customer applies for an account.