Applicable Packages
Lite Plus Max Shop

You can configure your basket and checkout by clicking Settings in the shop admin panel menu and then clicking Basket and Checkout.


These settings affect the basket:

Product codes

Whether product codes should be shown in the checkout process and in order confirmation e-mails.


For shops selling to the general public, you should usually choose Show prices with tax included. For shops selling to businesses, you should choose Itemise tax separately. When editing products, prices are entered as they will be displayed — including or excluding tax as appropriate.

Apply price breaks

Choose whether price breaks are applied to each product variant individually or by adding together the quantities of all variants of each product. For example, if a shirt has small and large variants and a price break applied to quantities of 5 or more, this setting affects whether the price break will apply to a basket containing 2 small and 3 large shirts.

Stock control

If you are always able to obtain new stock in time to fulfil an order then you should choose Allow checkout with out-of-stock products — the customer will be unaware of your current stock levels. If you do not know when new stock will be available for out-of-stock products then you should choose Enforce stock control to avoid disappointing customers — the basket page will inform customers if there is insufficient stock of any product in their basket, and they will not be able to check out. If you enforce stock control, you can choose whether the exact stock level is revealed to the customer when there is insufficient stock (for example, We only have 5 of this item in stock) or they see a general message (We do not have enough of this item in stock).

During checkout

These settings affect the pages in the checkout process:

Billing address

For most shops you should check the Request a billing address checkbox. If you only use the offline payment option you may not require this information, and can simplify the checkout process by unchecking this checkbox.

Help text for comments field

Customers can enter a comment during the checkout process. By default the field is labelled Please enter any comments you have about your order into the box below, but you can customise the label if there is specific information you require from customers.

Terms and conditions page

If you select a page from the drop-down field, the checkout process will include an I agree to the terms and conditions checkbox linking to the selected page.