Applicable Packages
Lite Plus Max Shop

You can manage discounts by clicking Discounts in the shop admin panel menu.

The discount list

The discount list initially shows all of the discounts in your shop. The drop-down field above the list lets you filter it to show only discounts that are currently available, not yet available, or no longer available. You can click on the column headers to sort by any column.

Adding a discount

To create a discount click Create new discount and then edit it in the same way as described below.

Editing a discount

To edit a discount, click Details on the corresponding row in the discount list. The discount form will be displayed, letting you change the following settings:

Discount code

The code that the customer must enter to claim the discount. This is the unique identifier for the discount and so cannot be changed once the discount has been created — you can however delete the discount and create a new one.

Discount amount

The amount to be discounted: either a fixed amount, a percentage off, a multibuy discount of the form buy X get Y free (with the cheapest products being free), or free delivery.

Qualifying items

Whether the discount applies to all items or just specific products and categories. This setting affects the value of discounts giving a percentage of products, and controls which items count towards any minimum order limit.

Start date

The date from which the discount will be available. If this field is left blank, the discount is available immediately.

End date

The date after which the discount will no longer be available. If this field is left blank, the discount will not expire.

Minimum order

The minimum order requirement: either no restriction, or a minimum order value or number of items.

Maximum per customer

An optional restriction on the number of times an individual customer can use a discount.

Number available

An optional restriction on the total number of times the discount can be used.