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The Opayo (previously known as Sage Pay) payment option lets customers pay you using a credit card or debit card.

Setting up Opayo in your shop

You can set up Opayo payment by clicking Configuration in the shop management panel menu, clicking Opayo, and changing the following settings:



Whether Opayo is available as a payment method.


Whether to perform test payments or live payments. Opayo require a payment to be made in test mode before allowing you to go live.


Where the payment method is available — either one of the delivery regions set up in your shop or the special value Everywhere.


Vendor name

Your Opayo vendor name.

Transaction type

Set to Payment to take the funds from the customer as soon as possible. Set to Deferred to guarantee the availability of funds for 6 days and allow funds to be taken up to 30 days after the initial transaction. Set to Authenticated to check the customer details only; this does not guarantee the funds are available, but allows funds to be taken in stages and up to 90 days after the initial transaction.

New Opayo accounts

If you are creating a new Opayo account, choose the Server Protocol integration method. When asked for the server IP address, enter the server IP address shown on the Opayo page in the shop management panel. When asked for the server subnet mask, enter

Existing Opayo accounts

If you have an existing Opayo account, log in to the test version or the live version of My Opayo — you will need to carry out this procedure for both test and live modes — select Settings from the top menu, then select Valid IPs from the left menu. Note that the Settings link is only available for the administrator user account — if it does not appear, you have logged in with the incorrect user account. If the Valid IPs link does not appear then your account has not been set up for e-commerce transactions using the Server Protocol and you will need to contact Opayo support on 0845 1114455.

On the Valid IPs page, click Add. For the server IP address, enter the server IP address shown on the Opayo page in the shop management panel. For the server subnet mask, enter Click Add to add the IP address.

Testing and going live

To perform the test purchase, first ensure that Opayo is set to test mode on the Opayo page in the shop management panel. Go through the process of making a purchase from your shop, exactly as if you were a normal customer, choosing Opayo as the payment method. You will be taken to the Opayo test server to make a payment. The test server only accepts the following card details, which can be used with any customer name and start and expiry dates (so long as the start date is in the past and the expiry date is in the future):

Card typeCard numberIssueCV2AddressPostcode
Visa Credit4929000000006
MasterCard Credit5404000000000001
Visa Debit/Delta4462000000000003
UK Maestro56418200000000050112388412
America Express374200000000004
Visa Electron4917300000000008
Diner's Club36000000000008

If the test transaction is successful, you will be taken back to your shop and receive an e-mail confirming the transaction. After a successful test transaction, you must refund the payment through My Opayo before Opayo will permit you to go live. After refunding the transaction, your account will be set live after two hours (or you can contact Opayo Support to have it set live immediately).

Once Opayo have confirmed that you have gone live, you can switch to live mode on the Opayo page in the shop management panel. At this stage you may wish to make a real purchase from your shop and then void the transaction through My Opayo, in order to be completely certain that your account has gone live correctly.