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The WorldPay payment option lets customers pay you using a credit card or debit card.

Setting up WorldPay in your shop

You can set up Worldpay payment by clicking Payment in the shop admin panel menu, clicking Worldpay, and changing the following settings:


Whether Worldpay is available as a payment method.


Whether to perform test payments or live payments. Worldpay require one of their staff members to make a payment in test mode before allowing you to go live.

Installation ID

Your Worldpay installation ID. If you have an existing Worldpay account that is used on another site then you will need to ask Worldpay for an additional installation ID — otherwise your other site will stop receiving payment notifications when you set up the installation for this site.

Payment response password

This is a secret value used to ensure the security of communications with Worldpay. A random value is automatically filled in for you.

MD5 secret

This is a secret value used to ensure the security of communications with Worldpay. A random value is automatically filled in for you.

Transaction type

Set to Default to take the funds from the customer as soon as possible. Set to Full (A) to guarantee the availability of funds for 6 days and allow funds to be taken up to 30 days after the initial transaction. Set to Pre (E) to check the customer details only; this does not guarantee the funds are available, but allows funds to be taken in stages and up to 90 days after the initial transaction.

Logging in to your Worldpay account

To log in to your Worldpay account, go to the Worldpay Business Manager and enter your username and password.

Configuring your Worldpay account

Once you have logged in, click the Setup link in the menu on the left. This will bring up a list of installations. The two gear icons allow you to configure settings for your test and production environments. Click on the gear icon under TEST. Change the settings to the following values (settings not in this list can be left unchanged):


Field since
DescriptionThe name of your company
Customer descriptionThe name of your company
Store-builder usedOther — Please specify below
Store-builder: if otherit’seeze
Payment Response URL<wpdisplay item=M_Payment_Response_URL>
Payment Response enabled?Yes
Enabled Recurring Payment Response?No
Enable the Shopper ResponseYes
Suspension of Payment ResponseNo
Payment Response passwordThe value from the shop management panel
MD5 secret for transactionsThe value from the shop management panel
Field must now be left blank since recent update.

Ensure the payment response URL is entered exactly as shown above — otherwise your shop will not be informed when the customer has paid.

After configuring your test environment, go back to the test environment configuration page and click Copy to Production at the bottom of the page, and then click Copy to Production again on the confirmation page.


Testing and going live

Before going live, Worldpay require that your site complies with their requirements. In addition, a member of the Worldpay staff must perform a test transaction to verify that Worldpay is integrated correctly.

To perform the test purchase, first ensure that Worldpay is set to test mode on the Worldpay page in the shop management panel. Go through the process of making a purchase from your shop, exactly as if you were a normal customer, choosing Worldpay as the payment method. You will be taken to the Worldpay test server to make a payment. The test server only accepts the following card numbers:

Card typeCard numberIssue number
Visa Delta — UK4406080400000000
Visa Delta — Non-UK4462030000000000
American Express370000200000000
Visa Electron (UK only)4917300800000000
Discover Card6011000400000000
Maestro (UK only)6759649826438453
Visa Purchasing4484070000000000

If the test transaction is successful, you will be taken back to your shop and receive an e-mail confirming the transaction. After a successful test transaction, you can request activation by logging in to your Worldpay account, going to the Setup page, and clicking on the tick icon under Start trading. On the resulting page, you can provide instructions for the Worldpay staff member who will test your site.

After a Worldpay staff member has successfully made a test transaction and set your installation live, you can switch to live mode on the Worldpay page in the shop management panel. At this stage you may wish to make a real purchase from your shop and then void the transaction, in order to be completely certain that your account has gone live correctly.