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Lite Plus Max Shop

You can configure the appearance of category pages by clicking Settings in the shop admin panel menu, clicking Category pages, and changing the following settings:



Which category details are shown on category pages. Drag details between the Shown and Not shown lists to control whether particular details are shown.

Filtering and sorting

Product filters > watch video

Whether product filters (as shown below) are shown, and in what order. Drag filters between the Shown and Not shown lists to control whether particular filters are shown. Drag filters within the Shown list to rearrange their order.

The category filter shows only products from particular subcategories, and is only shown if the category being viewed has subcategories and the Show products from setting has been set to show products from subcategories.

The prices filter shows only products in a particular price range, and is only shown if the maximum product price is at least 10% greater than the minimum product price. If a product has different prices for different variants, the product will be listed if its price range overlaps the filtered price range. For example, a product with variants costing between £20 and £40 will still be shown if the filter is set to show products with prices between £30 and £50, as the product’s £40 variant is in this range.

The variant filter shows only products with particular variants, and is only shown if the products in the category being viewed have variants.

Product sorting

Whether to allow products to be sorted by relevance (the order shown in the shop management panel), popularity (the number of purchases), name, price (either ascending or descending), or newest arrivals (the date the product was added to the shop).

Default sort order

The default order in which to show products.

Product listing


Whether to show products as a gallery or an order form.

Show products from
When viewing a category page, whether only to show products from directly within the category, or also to show products from public or unlisted subcategories. Regardless of this setting, links to public subcategories will be shown at the top of the category page.

Products per page

The number of products to show on each category page. If the category contains more products than this, links will be displayed to let customers browse between the pages.

Out-of-stock products

Whether products that are out of stock should be shown (with the Add to basket button replaced with a notice explaining that the product is out of stock) or automatically hidden.

Product gallery

These settings apply if the gallery layout is enabled.

Product details

Which details are shown, and in what order, for products listed on category pages. Drag details between the Shown and Not shown lists to control whether particular details are shown. Drag details within the Shown list to rearrange their order.

The buy button, which lets a customer add a product directly to their basket without going to the product page, can only be shown if the product is available, in stock, and does not have variants. Even if you haven’t explicitly chosen to show the view button, it will be shown if the buy button cannot be shown.

Image size

The maximum size, in pixels, of images shown on category pages. Images will be scaled to fit within this size, and will be centred horizontally if they have a narrower aspect ratio.

Product order form

These settings apply if the order form layout is selected.


Whether to show the product image.

Image width

The width of the product image.


Whether to link the image (if enabled) and name to the product page.


Whether to show the summary under the name.

Quantity field

Whether to show the quantity field. If the quantity field is not shown, clicking the Add button will add a single item to the basket.

Use compact layout

On narrow screens there isn’t room to show the image, name and summary, price, and quantity all on one line, so the price and quantity are shown below the name and summary intead. Depending on how long your product names are, and whether you’ve chosen to show summaries, you may want to adjust the width at which the compact layout is used.