Applicable Packages
Lite Plus Max Shop

You can configure the appearance of product pages by clicking Settings in the shop admin panel menu and then clicking Product pages.


These settings affect the layout of the product details:

Product details

Which details are shown, and in what order. Drag details between the Shown and Not shown lists to control whether particular details are shown. Drag details within the Shown list to rearrange their order.

Gutter between columns

The space, in pixels, between the images and the column containing the product details.

Display details

Whether the details are shown to the left of right of the images.

Minimum width for details

The minimum width, in pixels, of the column containing the product details. If the visitor’s screen is too narrow, the details will be shown below the images.

Main image width

The width, in pixels, of the main image.

Display thumbnail images

The side of the main image on which the thumbnails will be displayed.

Thumbnail image size

The width or height, in pixels, of thumbnail images.

Product appearance

These settings affect the appearance of the product details:

Display prices

If you sell directly to businesses you may not want the general public to see your business prices. This setting determines whether prices are always displayed, or only displayed to logged-in visitors.

Variant prices

Variant prices are usually shown as differences from the current product price. For example, if a product costs £20 normally and £30 for a gold-plated variant, the gold-plated variant would be labelled Gold-plated (+£10). Alternatively, the price differences can be hidden.

Groups with only one variant

Sometimes you might add a variant group to a product but only add one variant to it; for example, even if each product only comes in a single size, it's useful to add this as a variant because products can then be filtered by size when viewing category pages. This setting controls whether groups with only one variant are still shown (as text rather than a form field) in the table of variants on product pages, or are not shown at all.

Message for products marked as not available

The message to display instead of the Add to basket button if a product has been marked as not available.

Message for unavailable variants

The message to display if the visitor selects a product variant that is not available.

Adding to basket

These settings affect how customers add items to their basket:

Entering quantities

For products with variants, whether the customer should choose a variant and then enter the quantity (as shown below) or enter quantities for all variants (as shown on the right in the figure). Note that if a product has variants in multiple groups (for example, both size and colour), then customers will always need to choose a variant and then enter the quantity.

After adding to basket

After clicking Add to basket, a pop-up is shown confirming the item added. This setting controls the behaviour of the Continue shopping button on that pop-up: it can close the pop-up and stay on the product page, or take the customer to the parent category, a specific category, or a specific page on the site.

Links to other products

These settings affect links to other related products, displayed at the bottom of product pages:

In the same category

Whether links to other products in the same category should be shown.

Also purchased

Whether, and how many, links to other products purchased along with this product should be shown. These links are automatically updated as customers place orders.