A page can be moved in two ways: its position in an area of navigation can be changed by reordering the pages, or it can be moved to a different section of the site by changing its parent page.

Reordering pages

Each area of navigation on your site will have an edit menu button, as shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. an edit menu button

To reorder pages in an area of navigation, click on the appropriate edit menu button to open the navigation editing window, as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2. the navigation editing window

Click on a page name and drag it to change its position. Click Save to save the order of pages. The navigation will then update to show the new order. Click Cancel to return to the page without changing the order of pages.

Changing the parent of page

To change the parent of a page, go into edit mode on the page you want to move, and click the Organise pages button on the toolbar, as shown in figure 3.

Figure 3. the organise pages button

This will open the page organisation window. Click on the Site map tab, as shown in figure 4.

Figure 4. the page organisation window

A Move to button appears next to each possible parent page. Click one of the buttons to move the current page; the current page will become a child of the selected parent page. After the page has been moved click Close to return to the page.

The address of a page depends on its name and parent page. In this example, the Trade show success page is a child of the Articles page, and has an address ending /articles/trade-show-success/, as shown in figure 5. After moving the page, the address in the browser address bar will be updated.

Figure 5. the browser address bar