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The confirmation component, whose option icon is shown in figure 1, creates a checkbox in a form that the visitor must check to submit the form.

Figure 1. the confirmation option icon

Confirmation fields are common used for legal agreements, such as I agree to the Terms and Conditions checkboxes.

Editing a confirmation field

Click on the confirmation field to open the confirmation field window, as shown below.

The confirmation field window lets you change the following settings:


The label for the field.


The statement for the visitor to confirm. First-person statements such I agree to the Terms and Conditions are preferred to second-person statements such as You agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Statement link

An optional link for the statement — for example, you could link the statement I agree to the Terms and Conditions to a copy of your terms and conditions. Click to choose a link, in the same way as linking text.

Click OK to apply the changes to the confirmation field. Click Cancel to return to the page without changing the confirmation field.