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What we’ve done and are on hand to do

Want to know what we’ve already done to help your website get found online or what support from your local consultant is available to you? Click the links below to find out more information:

What's already been done to help you get found online?

What consultant support is available?

What you really need to do

Google Business Profile, online directories, and Google Analytics - how do they help?

Want your website to be found in local searches? You’ll need to set up a Google Business Profile account: Set up Google Business Profile

Want to reach more potential customers? Here are the online directories you need to list your website on: See the list of directories

Want to monitor how your website is performing? Send us your account details to access Google Analytics: Access Google Analytics

Website regulations to be aware of

GDPR and WCAG – how can your website comply?

Are you taking the necessary steps to protect personal data collected through your website? Here’s how to keep your site GDPR-compliant: Learn about GDPR complianceIs your website content accessible to visitors with disabilities? Here’s how to check your website is still meeting WCAG requirements: Read the accessibility guide.

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Here is some useful information to boost your website's performance:

Want to know more about optimising for search engines like Google and Bing? - Start with keywords: SEO keyword guide

Make sure your website shows up in the relevant search results with great website metadata - here's how: SEO metadata guide

All the terms you need to know to maximise your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts: SEO Marketing Jargon Buster

You'll find clear explanations of all the key terms used within digital marketing here: Digital Marketing Jargon Buster

A glossary with all the useful terms you need to know to better understand your website analytics: Web Analytics Jargon Buster

Want to reach more people? Follow these steps to grow your business with social media: Social media tips

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