What happens when your website goes live? At itseeze, our goal is to help you succeed online, which is why we've made sure your new website is ready to start working for you from the word go. 

To do this, we've carried out the following steps: 

We've made your website Google-friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential if you want people to find your website – we've carried out the initial optimisation steps on your new site by adding a unique page title and meta description to every page that we've created. This helps search engines and potential customers understand what your website is about, and will encourage people to click through to your website when it appears in search results. Don't forget - every new page that you create on your website will also need a unique page title and meta description, which you can add through the page details window.

We've submitted your website to Google 

We've designed your website in line with Google’s best practice guidelines and we've also let Google know you're online by submitting your website address directly to them, so that your customers can find you online as soon as possible, helping you to reach more people looking for your products or services.

We've set up Google Analytics for your website 

The itseeze website editor’s statistics panel makes it easy for you to track your website’s performance, but for more comprehensive reporting, tell us your Google account email address and we’ll connect you to your Analytics dashboard. This will show you how many visitors your website is attracting, which pages are the most popular, and much more, helping you to increase customer engagement. 

It doesn’t stop there – now your website is live, we’re always on hand to provide you with new features, system updates, and ongoing advice and guidance to ensure that your website develops alongside your business.