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MailChimp provides a service for sending e-mail newsletters to lists of subscribers, and has a generous free tier suitable for small businesses. The editing system system can connect to MailChimp, allowing your visitors to subscribe to a MailChimp list through a form on your site. Subscribers will receive an e-mail from MailChimp asking them to confirm that they wish to subscribe; once confirmed, they will appear in your MailChimp list.

Setting up the API key

After registering for MailChimp, you can create an API key for your site. Go to the Accounts page and select Extras and then API Keys. Click Add A Key and make a note of the generated key. Open the settings panel and click MailChimp in the menu on the left. Enter the API key in the field and click Connect.

Connecting a form to a MailChimp list

To connect a form to a MailChimp list, open the form window and go to the MailChimp tab:

Use the drop-down field to select a list from your MailChimp account.

Connecting fields

After connecting a form to a MailChimp list, the field window for each field will have a MailChimp tab:

Use the drop-down field to select a corresponding field from your MailChimp list. Each MailChimp list has three fields by default: Email Address, First Name, and Last Name. You can add additional fields to the list within MailChimp. MailChimp requires the Email Address field to be supplied: there must be a field in your form that has been set to correspond to the MailChimp Email Address field.