This guide is for the Windows and Mac program Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Before following the below step by step guide, please find the email sent to you which contains your email settings.

Step by Step Guide


Enter your email address in the 'Welcome to Outlook' window, click the checkbox labelled 'Let me set up my account manually' and click Connect

On the 'Choose account type' window select POP. 

Fill in your account details.  

Incoming mail server: Mail.(your domain) - For example:

Port: 110

Outgoing mail server: smtp.(your domain) - For example

Port: 25

Enter your username and password.

Username: your email address

Password: your email address password

Outlook will now finish setting your mailbox up and when complete you will receive a message like the one shown asking for your username and password again and this may occur a number of times during the setup process.