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Each type of data in your privacy policy corresponds with a different section where it will be displayed alongside your reason — or lawful basis — for using the data.

Data collected when you contact us

This is the personal data you collect when a website visitor fills in a contact form on your website. Your lawful basis for processing this data is likely to be ‘Performance of a contract’, as you need to respond to a potential customer’s enquiry before you can enter into a contract with them.

Data collected for marketing purposes

This is any personal data you plan to use in your marketing, such as an email address entered into a newsletter sign-up form. Your lawful basis for processing would be ‘Consent given by data subject’, as you will need someone’s explicit permission before you can market to them.

Data collected by our shop

Many standard Commerce features are covered in the privacy policy automatically. However, there may be other ways you are processing personal data through your online shop — such as supplying a delivery company with customer phone numbers so that they can send delivery updates. This would be considered ‘Performance of a contract’, as your customer will have entered their phone number in order to receive this service.

Data collected by third parties on our behalf

Many third party providers are covered in the privacy policy automatically, such as Facebook or Google Analytics. However, if you are using a third party service such as an iframe on your website, you’ll need to include details of this along with a link to the provider’s own privacy policy. An example of this might be a booking system — this would fall under ‘Performance of a contract’, as your customers would need to complete the booking form to use your services.

Other data collected by third parties

If you are using any other third party services on your website that are not collecting data on your behalf or available through the it’seeze website editor, these will need to be included with links to each provider’s own privacy policy. This may be something like an Instagram feed, for example. Your lawful basis would be ‘Pursuance of our legitimate interests’, as the data is being collected because you want this third party service on your website.