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Lite Plus Max Shop

The Viva Wallet payment option lets customers pay you using a credit card or debit card. While some other payment options take your customers to the payment gateway’s site to make payment, with Viva Wallet customers remain on your site to enter their card details.

Getting your API details

Viva Wallet requires two sets of credentials: a merchant ID and API key to handle processing payments, and a client ID and secret to handle collecting card data in the customer's browser.

Log in to your Viva Wallet account, click on the circle with the arrow in the top-left of the screen, click Settings, and then click API Access. Your merchant ID and API key will be shown under the heading Access credentials. Click Generate a pair of credentials under the heading Native Checkout v2 Credentials to create a client ID and secret. You need to copy the client secret immediately as it will no longer be visible if you leave the page and return to it later.

Setting up Viva Wallet in your shop

To set up Viva Wallet in your shop, click Payment in the shop admin panel menu and then click Viva Wallet. You can then change the following settings:


Whether Viva Wallet is available as a payment method.


Whether to perform test payments or live payments.

Merchant ID

The merchant ID from your account

API key

The API key from your account

Client ID

The client ID from your account


The secret from your account