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You can create user accounts on your site, which can then be assigned to groups to give them permission to access password-protected pages or edit the site. You can manage users by clicking Users in the permissions panel.

The user list

After clicking Users, the user list is displayed:

There will always be at least one user: you, the site owner. Up to 20 users are shown at a time; if there are more than 20 users you can browse pages of users by clicking the links above and below the table. You can search for specific users using the search

To edit or delete a user, click the corresponding Edit or Delete button. To create a new user, click Create new user.

Editing a user

After clicking Edit or Create new user, the user details are shown:

You can then change the following details:


The username used to log in. This can be any text, but we recommend using an e-mail address as the user will then be able to click the Forgotten password? link on the log-in page to reset their password if they forget it.


The password used to log in, which must be at least 8 characters long. If you are editing an existing user, you can leave this field blank to keep their existing password.

Expiry date

The date after which the user account will expire. After this date the account will still exist but the user will be unable to log in. Leave this field blank to disable account expiry.


The groups to which the user belongs. A user’s permissions are determined by the groups they belong to.

Click Save to save the changes to the user.

A note on managed groups

If your site has had custom development work it may feature managed groups: groups whose membership is automatically managed by that custom development work. You cannot add or remove users from a managed group through the permissions panel, and you cannot delete a user who belongs to a managed group.