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Schema is a form of structured data — information that can be processed easily by software. The business information you enter through the settings panel will be included in structured data on your site. Google can display this data in a knowledge panel next to search results, and in Google Maps:

To edit business information for schema, open the settings panel and click Schema in the menu on the left. You can then edit these settings:

Trading name

The name by which customers know your business

Street address

Town or city
Postal code

The address where customers can visit your business

Map location

The location of your business on a map. The marker will initially be positioned based on the postal code you enter, and you can then drag it to a more precise location.

Telephone number (optional)

The telephone number customers can use to contact you

Opening hours

The hours your business is open to customers. Tick the box next to each day that your business is open, and then enter the opening and closing times. If your business opens overnight, you can enter a closing time that’s before the opening time and it will be treated as the next day. For example, if you open from 6pm on Saturday night to 2am on Sunday morning, you should tick the Saturday box and enter an opening time of 18:00 and a closing time of 02:00. If your business is open all day, enter an opening time of 00:00 and a closing time of 23:59.