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The Payl8r option lets your customers spread the cost of a purchase by paying a 10% deposit upfront and then paying the balance over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Note that Payl8r is only available for orders over £50.

Payl8r requirements

Payl8r require you to make two additions to your site:

  • The Payl8r logo must be added to your site footer and linked to You can download the logo of your choice at the bottom of this article.
  • The Payl8r demo calculator must be added as an iframe to a page accessible through your footer as 'Payl8r Finance'. The iframe URL will be included in your welcome e-mail from Payl8r, and will look like, but with your Payl8r retailer name in place of RETAILER. The iframe should be set to be at least 2,000 pixels tall.

Payl8r settings

To set up Payl8r in your shop, click Payment in the shop admin panel menu and then click Payl8r. You can then change the following settings:


Whether Payl8r is available as a payment method


Whether to perform test payments or live payments


Your Payl8r username

Public key

Your Payl8r public key

The username and public key will be supplied by Payl8r once your site is approved to use live mode. When in test mode, the SANDBOX username and public key will be used automatically and you can leave these fields blank.

Testing and going live

When running in test mode, the Payl8r checkout is replaced with a page allowing you to simulate the different responses, such as accepted or declined payments.

Once you have enabled Payl8r in test mode and added the logo and demo calculator (as described under Payl8r requirements above), you can request that Payl8r approve your site to use live mode. A Payl8r employee will check that your site has correctly implemented the requirements, and they may make a test purchase.

Once your site is approved, Payl8r will e-mail you a live username and public key, and you can paste these into the settings page and enable live mode.

Customer experience

Customers are taken through a four-step process to make payment. The first step is to choose a deposit amount and payment plan:

The second step is to enter their details — most of these will be pre-filled from the information entered during the checkout:

The third step is to enter back account details (the shipping step is skipped because this information has already been collected during the checkout):

The final step is to confirm agreement to the repayment plan: