Regions are used to group countries to make it more convenient to set up tax rates and delivery rates. There are two types of regions: tax regions (used for setting up tax rates) and delivery regions (used for setting up delivery rates). You can configure regions by clicking Configuration in the shop management panel menu and then clicking either Tax regions or Delivery regions to view the appropriate region list.

The region lists

Each region list initially shows all of the regions of that type in your shop. The drop-down field above the list lets you filter it to show only regions that are used by tax or delivery rates, or only regions that are not in use. You can click on the column headers to sort by any column.

Adding a region

To create a region click Create new region and then edit it in the same way as described below.

Editing a region

To edit a region, click Details on the corresponding row in the region list. The region details form will be displayed, letting you change the region name, and add or remove countries by checking the corresponding checkboxes. A country can also be added to a region when editing the country.