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A wishlist lets a customer keep track of items they may wish to purchase in future. They can also share their wishlist with friends or family. As the shop owner, you benefit from wishlists encouraging future purchases, while reporting features let you see the most wished for items.

Enabling the wishlist feature

This wishlist feature isn’t relevant to all shops, so is disabled by default. To enable the wishlist feature, go to the Product pages configuration page and drag Add to wishlist from the Not shown list to the Shown list. Usually the best place to position the Add to wishlist button is immediately below the order form:

Adding an item to a wishlist

Once the wishlist feature is enabled, a customer can add an item to their wishlist by clicking the Add to wishlist button on a product page. The item will be added to the wishlist, along with the selected variants and desired quantity.

Viewing a wishlist

Customers can view their wishlist by clicking the View or edit my wishlist link on the My account page. Each item is shown along with its selected variants and desired quantity. Clicking Remove will remove the item from the wishlist.

Customers can share a wishlist with their friends and family using the sharing buttons shown at the top right of the wishlist.

Purchasing from a wishlist

Customers can purchase from a wishlist (either their own or one that has been shared with them) by clicking Add to basket for the item they wish to purchase. The item will show which wishlist it belongs to in the basket, in order confirmation e-mails, and in the orders report.

Once the order has been placed, the item will be removed from the wishlist (unless the customer purchased less than the desired quantity, in which case the item will remain on the wishlist but the desired quantity will be reduced).

Wishlist reports

The Wishlists column in the products report shows how many wishlists contain each product.

The Wishlists button at the top of the customers report lets you download a CSV file showing the details of all customers’ wishlists, which you can open in any spreadsheet application. The file contains one line for each item on each customer’s wishlist, giving the customer’s contact details and the product code and name.

The customer details page shows the items on the customer’s wishlist.