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Lite Plus Max Shop

You can view the orders placed by your customers by clicking Orders in the shop admin panel menu.

The order list

After clicking Orders, the order list is shown. The order list initially shows all of the orders placed by your customers, with the most recent order first. The drop-down field above the list lets you filter it to show only orders with a particular status (received, processing, dispatched, cancelled, or returned). You can click on the column headers to sort by any column. The Go to invoice form, as shown below, lets you jump straight to a particular order if you know its invoice number.

The column of checkboxes lets you select orders. The checkbox in the table header can be used to toggle all of the other checkboxes. Once some orders are selected, a form will slide on from the bottom of the screen letting you set the order status or print the selected orders:

Order details

After clicking Details on one of the rows in the order list, or using the Go to invoice form, the order details are displayed. This page is divided into several sections:

Customer details

The name and contact details of the customer. Click View account details to view the full details of their account, including their complete order history.

Address label

Use this form to print an address label. You can set up your label paper on the Administration configuration page.

Delivery method, Payment method

The selected delivery and payment methods.

Delivery address, Billing address

The delivery and billing addresses.

Items ordered

This table shows the item in the order.

Total payment

This table shows the total product cost, delivery cost, any discount, any taxes, and the overall order cost.

Order history

This table shows the order history. When the order is placed an entry is created in the history with the Received status, and the customer is sent a notification e-mail. You can add further entries into the order history using the Update order form, and for each update choose whether to e-mail the customer. You can resend any of these e-mails by clicking Send e-mail on the appropriate row in the order history.

Update order

This form lets you add entries to the order history. To add a new entry, choose a status (received, processing, dispatched, cancelled, or returned), enter any comments, choose whether to e-mail the customer about the update, and click Update.

Tax invoice

If you have entered your tax registration number on the business details settings page, this section lets you view a tax invoice in the browser and print it out, or download it as a PDF file.