Applicable Packages
Lite Plus Max Shop

You can configure e-mails sent out by the shop by clicking Configuration in the shop management panel menu and then clicking E-mails.


The shop sends you a notification e-mail when an order is placed. If you use stock control you will also be notified when the stock level for a product falls below the limit you have set. If you require customer accounts to be approved you will also be notified when a potential customer applies for an account.

Your e-mail address

This is the e-mail address that will be notified.

E-mails to customers

Customers are sent an e-mail when they place an order, and will receive additional e-mails if you update the order and choose to inform them.

E-mail sender name

This is the sender name for e-mails to customers. This would usually be the name of your shop.

E-mail sender address

This is the e-mail address that e-mails to customers appear to come from. Customers may reply to this address, so it should be one that is read frequently.

Order confirmation

These settings affect the confirmation e-mail that is sent to the customer after they place an order.

BCC e-mail address

This e-mail address will be sent a blind carbon copy (BCC) of the order confirmation e-mail. This e-mail address will not be visible to the customer. This can be used for review services such as Trustpilot, which use this method to know when to send review invitations. Note that you will receive a separate notification when an order is placed, so you do not need to enter your own e-mail address here.

Order confirmation e-mail text

This is the template for the order confirmation e-mail that is sent to the customer. The template can include various special strings, listed below the text field, which are substituted with details of the order.