Where your Google My Business (GMB) profile appears in the map pack is dependent on a variety of different factors - some of which are beyond your control, such as the geographical location of the person searching online, but here are a few suggestions to improve your chances of appearing higher in the map pack:

Phone number - If you have both a landline and mobile number associated with your business and published on your website, include both of these within your GMB profile, but make the landline your primary number and the mobile number a secondary number. This way, your profile will be displaying the same information as what's on your website and Google will know from the dialling code of the landline that your business is local.

Location - Many businesses set their GMB profile to show a business address or even a home address, but if you visit customers at their home address or place of work - as plumbers, mobile hairdressers, and business consultants often do, for example - then it might actually serve you better to show the areas you cover instead.

Opening hours - Every business should fill out this section of their profile, but this is particularly important if you're contactable out of normal working hours, as this could be what sets you apart from other businesses in the map pack.

Website - Always add your website URL to your GMB profile.

Reviews - As always, it's worth asking your customers to leave you reviews on Google and you should respond to any reviews you receive. The more positive reviews, the greater your chances of moving up the map pack.

Q&As - It's also worth adding a Q&A section, just 2-3 questions will suffice. i.e. 'What roofing services do you offer?', 'What areas do you cover?', etc.

Directories - Lastly, being listed in as many relevant directories as possible with consistent information that is the same as the information on your website and GMB profile will also help, as Google looks at all these listings to see 1) who is listed (more listings in prominent directories suggests your business is more professional) and 2) that they are showing people local businesses with the correct info.

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