Applicable Packages
Lite Plus Max Shop

Sometimes you may want to stop customers placing orders temporarily. You can do this by changing your shop status, accessed by clicking Settings in the shop admin panel and then clicking Shop status. There are three options:

Open for browsing and buying

When this option is selected, customers can browse your shop and buy your products as normal.

Open for browsing only

When this option is selected, customers can browse your shop but are unable to buy any products. Customers will still be able to access their account, view their order history, and add items to their wishlist. You can enter a notice to display on category and product pages to let customers know why they are unable to buy products and when you expect your shop to be fully open again.


When this option is selected, your shop is closed entirely, and anyone trying to access it (through a link, bookmark, or search engine result) will be redirected to a page of your choice. This page should let customers know why your shop is closed and when you expect it be open again.

Be aware that closing your shop entirely will harm your search engine ranking as the category and product pages will be removed from search engine indexes over time. In general, you should only close your shop entirely if you are not expecting to open again in the near future. By keeping your shop open for browsing only, the category and product pages remain accessible and will appear in search engines, and customers may add products to their wishlists to purchase later once your shop reopens.